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Use of strong industry foam aluminum

        Aluminum foam is a kind of containing a certain amount of a certain size, aperture, porosity in the aluminum matrix metal material, it has the characteristics of light porous materials, also has mechanical and electrical and thermal physical properties of metal materials excellent, is a new type of environment-friendly structure functional materials with many excellent performances in a. The application of aluminum foam are: the impact of fire and sound-absorbing panels, energy absorbing materials, building board, semiconductor gas diffusion plate, heat exchanger, electromagnetic shielding and so on, can be used for metallurgy, chemical, aerospace, electronics, automobile, ship, train, subway train manufacturing and construction industry, the best material is making outdoor the traffic noise barrier, is constantly expanding the scope of application.


Application of foamed aluminum in construction industry
Elimination of urban noise
With the rapid development of urban traffic, the problem of vibration and noise pollution caused by vehicle operation is becoming more and more serious. With the improvement of people's quality of life, the public voice of the city's environmental governance requirements are increasingly strong, quiet has become a public happiness index. The treatment of noise pollution has become an important task for the maintenance of public health, the purification of urban environment and the promotion of modern civilization. The city should be quiet and orderly.
Construction of outdoor sound barrier with foam aluminum plate
The foam aluminum plate is an ideal material for the construction of sound insulation and noise barrier in the open air, and the performance of the foam aluminum plate is stable, the corrosion resistance is good, and the service life of the curtain wall can be greatly prolonged, and the maintenance and maintenance cost can be reduced. Aluminum foam can be completely recycled, can save a lot of resources and energy. The utility model is suitable for the urban public places, subway stations, densely populated areas, both sides of the road, the factory area, the building facade, etc..
Made of aluminum foam with high efficiency can be more than 20 dB of noise barrier, is better than the common noise reduction effect screen. The upper part of the aluminum foam board is 1000mm high, the lower foam aluminum plate is 1000mm high, the 60mm thick air layer is set behind the foam aluminum plate, the middle part is 800mm of the safety glass, the total height is 2800mm. The inner side of the foam aluminum surface, with sound-absorbing function, the overall sound insulation function.
Using the aluminum foam sound absorption board to make the noise reduction wall of the highway tunnel, the 60mm thick cavity is set behind, which can effectively absorb the noise generated by the car. The humidity inside the tunnel is large, the foam aluminum material does not absorb moisture, does not affect the sound absorption and noise reduction effect, and the side wall of the foam aluminum can absorb the impact kinetic energy and the vibration wave, and plays the role of protecting the inner wall of the tunnel.
The noise reduction wall of subsea tunnel was made by foam aluminum plate, and the corrosion resistance of sodium chloride could be treated by spraying and coating.
Elimination of indoor noise radiation with foam aluminum plate
The foam aluminum can be used as silencing noise and electromagnetic wave shielding materials in the interior decoration, for concert halls, theaters, recording studio, studio, dance hall, gymnasium, swimming pool, basketball hall, subway station, waiting room, lounge, hotel buildings, shopping malls, exhibition hall, hall, office, room service computer room, electronic command center, TV launch center etc.. Controlling the time of sound reverberation and shielding electromagnetic wave.
Foam aluminum muffler pipe, elbow, static pressure box, especially clean workshop, food production workshop, pharmaceutical factory, precision instrument manufacturing workshop, laboratory, ward, operation room, cafeteria, cabin, auxiliary cabin, cabin air conditioning and ventilation equipment field, noise and noise elimination.
As an interior decoration material with the functions of noise reduction and noise reduction, foam aluminum can be used as ceiling, wall, floor and so on.
As interior decoration materials. Compared with the traditional aluminum foam and sound insulation, sound-absorbing material, has a special advantage: aluminum foam is fibrous material, will not have two pollution of the air; spraying color appearance; direct washing; insulation heat and fire non flammable; corrosion resistance of deformation, can be completely recycling.



Application of foamed aluminum in automobile industry
Aluminum foam is mainly used in the automobile industry for the shock resistance of the car body and the car body and the partition wall insulation. With the development of modern car technology, the material requirements of the car have considerable strength and light weight. Experts believe that if the total foreign energy is assumed to be 100%, the deformation of the aluminum alloy foam for its time of 60%, can withstand external energy of 60%. Because of its own strength, it can be repeated several times without any damage. "Metal foam" is very light weight, density is Aluminum Alloy material below 1/4, the thermal expansion coefficient and the Aluminum Alloy materials, thermal conductivity and porosity of aluminum foam is relatively low, the thermal conductivity is 0.3 75---90% - 1W/m#8226; K, the equivalent of marble. Coupled with its excellent performance of deformation and recovery, but also a certain intensity, so the future of the development of the car is very meaningful, you can show the advantages of lightweight and security. At present, the automobile parts made of foam aluminum alloy are engine hatch cover, luggage compartment cover, wing and so on. In the safety design, it is very suitable to use the foam metal as the main material to absorb the collision energy. Because the current car safety design not only to consider by the safety of the people, but also consider the external safety of vehicles and pedestrians, when a collision can maximize the protection of their own and to maximize the protection of others, prone to collision region in the body is made of foam metal is a good choice. Foam aluminum corrosion resistance, good weatherability, low moisture absorption, not aging, non-toxic; at the same time, easy processing: cutting, drilling, cementing convenient; by moulding can be bent into a desired shape; with organic or inorganic paint for surface treatment; can double skin, light weight, large size or a large caliber and high rigidity the degree of plate and pipe. In the automobile manufacturing industry has broad prospects for development.



Application of foamed aluminum in railway industry
Aluminum foam can be used to make train floor and side lining. Ordinary trains, high-speed trains and subway trains in the process, will produce vibration and noise. The noise in the train is mainly due to the train's own power system and wheel / rail noise. The noise of the power system consists of the noise caused by the traction system (such as the traction equipment and the transmission device, etc.), the generator and the motor, the door and the radio. The wheel rail noise mainly includes three kinds of rolling noise, which are generated on the straight track, the impact noise generated at the rail joint, and the noise produced when the track is sliding.
More than 60 dB of noise frequency in the general train compartment is mainly below 1000Hz, and the main noise frequency is from 16 to 500Hz.
More than 60 dB of noise frequency in the subway train is in the range of 500 ~ 4000Hz, and the noise frequency is about 1000Hz.
These vibration and noise affect the comfort of the car, the more serious harm to the health of passengers, the long-term work in the car is more detrimental to the staff, but also shorten the service life of some parts of the body.
Instead of traditional materials, foam aluminum is used to change the structure of the car body to achieve the purpose of shock absorption and noise reduction.
The foam aluminum sandwich plate made of foam aluminum as core material and aluminum paste paste has the advantages of economy and good sound insulation effect. If the density is about 0.5g/cm3, 15 ~ 20mm thickness of aluminum foam sandwich floor and side trains and subway car lining, can be more than the average noise reduction of 30 dB, the interior noise can be reduced to the international standard (60 dB), improve vehicle comfort.
High speed train lining thickness is 15 to 20mm, the appropriate thickening of the floor to 30 ~ 40mm. The average sound insulation can reach more than 30 db.
The isolation performance of aluminum foam sandwich plate is very significant. After testing, the foam aluminum sample was cut into a cuboid shape with a size of 70 * 20 * 10mm. The porosity is 82.1%, in the frequency range of 1~10Hz, the strain amplitude is 1 * 10-4, the damping properties of aluminum foam with frequency slightly reduced. But the loss factor is basically in a bandwidth (2.0~2.3 * 10-2) range, the degree of reduction is not obvious. The strain amplitude is 2 * 10-5, when the vibration frequency is lower than 100Hz, aluminum foam has a higher damping loss factor, ability is good, when the frequency is higher than 200Hz, the loss factor is greatly reduced, more than 400Hz flat, still has 6 x 10-2. The results show that aluminum foam sandwich panel can significantly reduce vibration.
The density of foam aluminum train floor is similar to that of the honeycomb aluminum train floor. However, the sound insulation and vibration isolation performance of the foam aluminum train floor is much higher than that of the honeycomb aluminum floor.
Ordinary train, high speed train, subway cars, such as the use of foam aluminum and aluminum foam lining will significantly improve the comfort of the car, fire safety and durability, representing the development direction of advanced trains.



Application of foamed aluminum in chemical industry


Open cell aluminum foam can be used to produce high temperature liquid filtration material and high temperature gas heat insulation, dust filtering material, also can be used as heat exchange material. 



Application of foamed aluminum in telecommunication industry
Produced by the telecommunications room and related facilities running noise and radiation are not conducive to human health and pollution to the surrounding environment within research institutions have embarked on environmental control plan on improving telecommunications room noise and radiation. Especially in densely populated areas, residents of the telecommunications room caused by pollution complaints and complaints.
The pollution of the engine room and related equipment is mainly manifested as:
1, when the machine room unit work with the same frequency resonance, noise.
2, the room is small, the roof and the wall surface is smooth without obvious sound absorption body, noise enhanced superposition.
3, machinery and equipment, causing electromagnetic radiation.
4, large air conditioning equipment noise, affecting nearby residents, causing disputes.
5, telecommunications room is located in residential areas, causing the owners of electromagnetic radiation hazards.
Foam aluminum in the telecommunications industry can be used for room noise reduction and electromagnetic shielding, effectively prevent information interference and leakage.
Aluminum foam noise has weakened and the characteristic of electromagnetic wave radiation, electromagnetic wave frequency between 2.6 - 18GHZ, foam aluminum electromagnetic shielding capacity of up to 60 90dB; the sound absorption performance is good, the noise coefficient is high, the multiple noise sources emit different acoustic frequency divide and rule, the overall effective. The effect of aluminum foam on the environmental governance of telecommunication industry is of great significance.



Application of aluminum foam in aerospace industry
Scientific satellites, manned spacecraft and space station series of spacecraft and deep space exploration technology requirements of future spacecraft life long, light weight, stable performance, the United States and Japan, Russia, France and other countries have invested a lot of money in the development of ultra light metal materials, aluminum foam material has been used in spacecraft landing system and satellite bearing structure system space instead of using the alloy material. The next major goal of China's space mission is the lunar exploration project. In order to ensure the lunar rover with a video camera and a variety of detection instrument with a safe landing on the moon, to prevent possible impact damage, support the lunar rover soft landing device on the two level buffer should be used in insurance, which make the aluminum foam cushion, with low density of aluminum foam has a wide platform to absorb the impact energy will be compressed the ideal choice.



Application of foamed aluminum in weapon manufacturing industry
Aluminum foam composite material has the advantages of light weight, high strength and good elasticity. It can be used in the production of light, high mobility and transportable armor system. Aluminum foams and ceramic composites have been used as the interior walls of armored vehicles in Western countries. In addition to improved aluminum foam multiple projectile in the protective performance against adjacent ceramic tile has similar functions, and other functions: structure to improve the performance of not increasing the weight by improving the structure of rigid and elastic resistance; in the process, by improving the energy of the aluminum foam ability of dispersed may improve the performance of anti single projectile impact; static thickness increase, but by reducing the load deflection and reduce dynamic thickness of ceramic armor without adverse effects; through the shock waves effectively damped full thickness and plane and improve the anti impact performance; through the damage degree of lower composite back and improve the ballistic performance and the damage tolerance.


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